Pipeline Integrity is Data Management

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Safety Through Data Management

Complete, accurate field data is essential to optimizing safety, managing pipeline assets, meeting regulatory requirements and protecting the environment as part of an effective O & M program. However, achieving these goals is extremely challenging.

Many pipelines have been built without comprehensive documentation of pipe centerline, meter and valve ratings, and regulatory compliance features such as HCAs, Class Location descriptions and MAOP validation. So, operators must address database updates and workflow procedures to assure this constantly changing information is complete, verifiable, accurate and consistent – all with limited staff.

Keeping up with data management while understaffed will lead to falling behind, and make catching up difficult or impossible.

Offering a seamless solution, Shafer, Kline & Warren’s (SKW) Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and industry-leading Corrosion Services team have worked closely with our clients to produce systems to accurately track field inspection data. SKW’s team understands the meaning and importance this data has on comprehensive and efficient O & M programs. As a surveying and engineering firm with roots dating back to 1885, SKW has been at the forefront of the data management movement.

Data Management Services for Pipeline Integrity Management

SKW’s integrated team of GIS and corrosion professionals have delivered an array of solutions for pipeline integrity management, corrosion services and data management, including:


  • Workflow analysis and re-engineering to address efficiency, accuracy and duplication.
  • Risk factor analysis to guide integrity programs and prioritization.
  • Data quality and metadata integration for data retrieval.
  • Building inspection databases, data models and systems.
  • MOAP validation and hydrostatic test data documentation.
  • Data assessment for accuracy and completeness.
  • Data storage and updates during database update approval processes.
  • Preparing systems for future regulatory changes.

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