Comprehensive pipeline integrity programs are paramount to regulatory compliance, safety and protection of the environment. Our staff at SKW Enterprise Solutions has more than 100 years of collective experience in the pipeline integrity industry and is committed to staying up-to-date with the ongoing changes in the regulatory environment.

Inspecting a pipeline for AC Mitigation design


For AC mitigation modeling and design, Enterprise Solutions’ pipeline integrity team collaborates with our electrical engineering team to provide comprehensive AC mitigation solutions.


At Enterprise Solutions, our staff continually educates themselves on industry standards, regulations and best practices. We are focused on providing comprehensive, cost-effective cathodic protection solutions to extend the design life of new and existing pipelines and structures.

Pipeline Integrity Construction Trencher


Enterprise Solutions’ integrity construction team is composed of OSHA-certified, Operator Qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge of ASME standards. Their familiarity with identification of right of way encroachment issues as well as PHMSA repair protocols and design parameters ensures safety and regulatory standards are accounted for in their installations.


For pipeline owners and operators, it is essential that proper integrity management protocols be developed to extend design life, ensure safety, avoid costly downtime and meet regulatory requirements. Our experienced team provides comprehensive support for the development and execution of integrity management plans.